[nflug] Fedora 7 Review

Kevin E. Glosser keg at roadrunner.com
Thu Aug 9 13:16:11 EDT 2007

I wrote a review of Fedora 7 for LinuxLinks.com. It was released 
yesterday. The URL is...


I'd love any feedback anyone is willing to give on it, both positive AND 
negative. If there is anything you felt was left out, I'd sure like to 
hear about it. Please respond to keg at roadrunner.com instead of the list, 
no need to spam the list. :)

I used Fedora 7 for a month before I started writing a word of this 
review. This isn't your typical review written by someone who just 
skimmed the "what's new" section in the release notes. I'm a Fedora 
user, but I tried to not let my bias get the best of me.


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