[nflug] Can I point LIB to a diff place?

JJ Neff jjneff at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 00:58:05 EDT 2006

I have never had a space issue since installing this PC with LVM drives.  However I ran out of / space today!  My / was 221MB and no way to increase space as i created root on /dev/hda1

I noted /lib was the largest at 133 and that modules was almsot all of that . I deleted soem unused kernels modules and space reclaimed - now I am wondering if /libs can be on a differnt location with a link to /lib..  It seems that an LVM may need to be mounted via a kernel module or user space prog before the files are accessible so it woudl be trying to use libs to mount /libs!?  Am I assuming correct?  

What are some options now - I ahve plenty of unpartitioned space on /dev/hdb and I reckon I could move lib to a non LVM managed volume... or how about move all of ROOT to an LVM volume - guessing LVM has to be in initram

Oh sheesh.  I hate to admit it but I've been fighting simpe package script problems for an hour and now I hate Debian testing :-(  The broken package -- wait for it --- reportbug!

I foudn the bug on this but it was supposedly closed since a newer version fixes it!  So now i cant upgrade reportbug - cant remove it since it's broken and everything else is waiting for me to resolve this before taking any action!

I hate to say it but Debian is starting to wear me down.  Sometimes I want new softwre or versions without having to put up with Broken as well.  Maybe  a move to Ubuntu, Mepis or the like is in my near future...I can't even believe myself!  Maybe after a few hours sleep this will all seem much better...


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