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David Rosonowski rosonowski at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 14:31:07 EDT 2006

Is anyone going to this? It sounds at least marginally interesting,
but I don't have any way to get to toronto.

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> Subject: [tpm] OT: FOSS conference
> For those with interest, Seneca is having it's annual FSOSS (Open
> Source) conference; what is below is part of an email I received from
> the coodinators:
> --begin email
> The registration fee is ridiculously low ($20, which doesn't even cover
> the cost of lunch and coffee we provide), and you get a loot bag full of
> goodies, including a 512MB USB stick from Mozilla. And we throw in an
> incredible array of speakers for free! The web site, with the list of
> speakers and workshops, is here: http://cs.senecac.on.ca/fsoss/2006/.
> Right now we have about 200 people registered, and we're capping
> registration at 300. We think we're going to hit 300 by mid October, so
> if any Perlmongers are interested in coming, they should sign up sooner
> rather than later.
> We've also been trying to get as many of the local user groups involved
> this year as possible - we're setting up tables for a few groups already
> (including Ubuntu, Penguicon and CLUE), and expect several more to join
> in the next few weeks.
> --end email
> If you think we should put out a table for TPM, let me know.
> harvey
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