[nflug] Periodic "hangs" on Ubuntu / Dell Inspiron 8200

David J. Andruczyk djandruczyk at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 21:55:57 EDT 2006

--- David Rosonowski <rosonowski at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I finally got ubuntu installed, apparently my CD-RW drive just
> needed to have the contacts cleaned and the laser sled reset.
> After a bit of tinkering, I got ffmpeg and wine working, and I have
> my
> MMORPG (Nexus:TK) happily running in a window. XMMS is playing music
> over a mounted SMB share, from my winXP gaming rig in the livingroom.
> Every so often, though, the system will stop, for about two seconds,
> like it was about to freeze, but then it keeps going on without
> another problem for a while. It happens about twice an hour, at the
> most.
> IT's not *terrible*, but I would like suggestions on what I can do to
> fix it. Complete newb here, but liking it so far.

Does the mouse freeze up when it does it?  IF not it might be a network
glitch (are you on wireless?), if someone fires up a microwave oven or
uses a 2.4Ghz phone it can distrupt a wireless lan and cause a dropout
of your music stream making it seem like a temporary halt. (the mouse
won't freeze in this case)

You can try this:
Open a terminal, and run "sudo tail -f /var/log/messages" and leave
that window open and check it after a freeze and see if a bunch of
errors came by,  Freezes in which the mouse hangs up are indicative of
hardware failure,  or a badly behaving kernel driver (rare)

-- David J. Andruczyk

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