[nflug] New stuff...

Wolfe, Robert robert at net261.com
Sun Sep 10 01:25:23 EDT 2006

Good morning, everyone.  Well, added another Sun Ultra 5 to my network
this evening and installed Debian Etch on it... Yay! :)

Also added an IBM RS6000 machine to my network as well.  Reformatted that
drive and reinstalled AIX L5.1.  It's sweet!  :)  Looks like Solaris meets
OS/2 Warp :) Now I need to get a bigger SCSI drive for it so that I can do
more wit that :)

Just want to publicly thank the gentleman I bought the two pieces of
equipment from once again. :)

Robert Wolfe, Linux and Network Admin
net261.com | http://www.net261.com:85
robert at net261.com

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