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Sam Stern samstern at samstern.net
Thu Aug 31 23:51:41 EDT 2006


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> Sam Stern wrote:
> > All,
> >  
> > I was testing vista today when I noticed something rather 
> pleasant but
> > unexpected: Time Warner is providing IPv6 addresses now. So 
> I'm curious --
> > how many of you are using IPv6 and who are the local ISP's 
> that are proving
> > IPv6 connectivity?
> Are you a former Adelphia PowerLink customer?  It would be 
> very nice of
> them to do that for us.  I guess I'll have to drag my MacBook down to
> the cable modem and plug it in directly since my router wouldn't know
> what to do with IPv6 if it smacked it in the face.
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I would not have noticed either except I was testing a consumer firewall for
work and had to connect Vista directly to the internet for the test.

I have had the "extra speed" package for more than a year now -- whatever
it's called. Having consumer grade IPv6 is certainly a pleasant surprise,
it's just a pity that my business class Verizon line is Ipv4 only. I would
really like to have some internet facing IPv6 servers. 

Sam S.

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