Sharing Bookmarks?

Stephen sfielding7 at
Wed May 18 14:48:31 EDT 2005


Just a note on my W98/XP box at work I just xcopy the files between both 
  default location and use the arkive feature to save most to a common 


Joe wrote:

> Hi.
> I just came up with another "brilliant idea".
> Before I shoot myself in the foot, Will this work?
> I'm having bookmark blues because I'm starting to use Firefox more, but 
> I still use Mozilla a lot and I end up with some bookmarks in each place.
> It just dawned on me that since both files are just bookmarks.html, I 
> could just replace one of them with a symlink to the other.  That way, 
> *if* it works, both products would use the same file and my problem 
> would be eliminated (if, and as long as, the formats are identical).
> I do have daily and weekly /home backups to fall back on if something 
> goes awry after an upgrade to one or the other.
> I am currently using Firefox 1.03 and Mozilla 1.7.0.  (I know 1.7.7 is 
> available, but I haven't gotten around to it.)
> Joe

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