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Robert Meyer meyer_rm at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 23 08:45:45 EDT 2004

Well, those numbers are hexidecimal.  If you do a 'man ascii' on your linux
box, it will give you all of the codes.  Just drop the '%' from the beginning
and you should be able to look them all up.


--- green_man <green_man at bluefrog.biz> wrote:

> Some programs change the the special characters in file names, paths, or 
> URLs when you try to copy/paste them.
> For instance, I have figured out that :
> %2F    means  /
> %27    means "blank"
> %20    means  _  [underscore]
> %3A    means :  [colon]
> %3d    means = [equal]
> Is there a table somewhere that lists all of these codes for the special 
> characters ?
> I would Google it, but I have no idea what keywords  to use to describe it.
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