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I have no problems with xp pro and samba here at work :(. Once I disabled the encrypt logon stuff I am golden. The few laptops we do have with XP home, I make log in like a normal NT/XP machine with cntrl-alt-delete so the issue with the username doesn't happen. 

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> The drive mapping issue only occurs on WinXP Home Edition from my
> experience. What version of XP is it?
> Tim
> On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 15:36, Riga, Anthony wrote:
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> >   I have had alot of issues trying to get xp to log onto samba too. I had problems loggin on mapping drives an printer sharing. I enabled NetBios over TCP/IP in WIndows XP and played with rights on winblows and finally go mine to work. I was able to see the shares doing smbclient but never could log on. I think xp might be by default  cannot log onto a non Windows domain. Ive never had these issues with 2000 plus i also noticed in xp that my drives that I have mapped from xp never reconnect I always have to renter username password 2000 never did that. 
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> > We have an XP laptop connecting to a samba server (just mentioned to 
> > pretend this is a linux question) whenever the laptop connects to the 
> > samba server it always wants to use a certain username, no matter if I 
> > disconnect all drives, reboot and try to map a drive as a diffrent 
> > username. It always wants to use this one username (which isn't that of 
> > the laptops owner). It's a laptop so it doesn't log into a domain or 
> > anything. No matter what I try I can't get it to connect to the server 
> > as anything other than this certain username, which happens to be our 
> > help desk guy, I've tried searching the registry and can't find any 
> > occurances of this username. Any idea where this may be cached? I tried 
> > to map the drive from the command line with net use and specifying the 
> > username, it gives me a wrong password then. It appears that it is still 
> > trying to map as this one userid.
> > 
> > 
> > Justin
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