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Joshua R. Altemoos joshua at gnu-linux.net
Sun Feb 22 21:51:55 EST 2004


I am shopping for a laptop. I have looked at Dell, HP and Alien Ware. I need 
some suggestions where is the best place to get a laptop? (And yes pete i know 
you have some i will be e-mailing you soon about that). I also want to know is 
there a such thing as a wireless router w/ 4 ports also. Reason i ask is 
because in buying a alptop i would have a wireless card built in so i can use 
it around the house and still be able to access my main comptuer. Reason i 
want a switch is because i would use a Linux Box as a router and have no need 
for a wireless router because i may not be useing a boardband connection. Also 
i know this is a lame question. But if i buy the laptop and it includes 
windows and software will they send me this stuff on an CD so when i install 
linux i will beable to dualboot???

Any ideas? Comments?

Thanks For Your Help!
Have A Good Day
Joshua R. Altemoos
joshua at gnu-linux.net

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