Real Player

vlok stone vlokstone at
Fri Feb 20 11:31:14 EST 2004

If you have it working in firebird just copy
everything from the firebird plugin directory to
firefox's plugin 
directory and you should be good to go.

--- "Robert F. Stockdale IV" <javabob at>
> I just upgraded from MozillaFirebird to FireFox 0.8
> on a SUSE 9.0 
> system. I downloaded RealPlayer 8.0 and it works
> alright as far as I can 
> tell however I can figure out how the browser plugin
> gets installed. 
> Does anyone have a clue how this works?  Several
> sites I like to check 
> out requires Real or Windows Media Player. The later
> is not an option 
> for me.
> Thanks
> Bob

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