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Joe josephj at
Tue Feb 17 10:33:28 EST 2004

This is really a generic howto question:
I'm trying to install a package using rpm --rebuild (per the 
instructions that came with it).  It wants a particular library I don't 
have.  I did a locate and found a different (older) version of the 
library.  I tried loading older versions of the package, but it skipped 
versions to an older library than I have.

My generic questions:
1) When something needs a version of a library I don't have, how do I 
tell what else uses that library so I can assess the impact of upgrading?
2) How do I find out what that library does?
3) How do I find the library on the net?

The specifics in this case are - I'm trying to install download manager
d4x-2.03-1.src.rpm,   d4x-2.5.0rc2-1.src.rpm, or d4x-2.4.1-1.src.rpm

It wants various versions of GLIB -( 2.2.0 is the newest it wants).
urpmi tells me:

The following packages contain GLIB: glibc libglib1.2 libglib2.0_0-devel 
libglibwww1-devel libglib1.2-devel glibc-doc libglibwww1 glibc-debug 
glibc-devel glibc-static-devel libglib2.0_0 glibc_lsb glib-gettextize 
 so I guess I have 2.0_0.



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