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The DCOP server is part of KDE used for inter-process communication among other

Do you have your network started? (run ifconfig to see if lo and eth0 are
configured,  at least lo needs to be configured for X11 to run)

What distribution is this? (redhat, mandrake, gentoo, debian, other..)

--- green_man <green_man at bluefrog.biz> wrote:
> What the hell is a DCOP server, and how do I enable it from a boot prompt ??
> After log in, when KDE is starting, I get this message:
> There was some error setting up inter-process communications for KDE.
> The message returned by the system was: Could not read network
> connnection list /home/demo/.DCOPserver_demolinux_:0
> Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running.
> The only option is to click OK, which dumps me back to the log in screen,
> so it must be a boot option.  I chose Shutdown - Reboot.
> On a reboot, what key[s] do I press to get the boot: prompt to stay up ?
> It flashes right by, apparently the time out is set for 0 seconds.
> What key combination kills Xwindows ?
> I don't mean to kill a particular window [Ctrl Alt Esc], I want to stop the
> whole shebang, to get to text mode. Sort of the opposite of "startx" from
> a command line. I thought it was Ctrl Alt Backsp, but that shuts the whole
> system down.
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