frozen user?

cliff at cliff at
Wed Feb 11 13:34:40 EST 2004

It appears I have a frozen user on my system that I can't seem to find or get rid

[meyers at titanium meyers]$ who
meyers   pts/0        Feb 11 14:21 (
kavanagh pts/1        Feb 11 14:20 (
meyers   pts/2        Feb  9 10:30 (

I had been doing some network restarts when changing IP addresses on the box
which killed off my SSH session and seemed to cause the 3rd one to get locked up.
 However it doesn't seem to have any processes:

[meyers at titanium meyers]$ ps -t "pts/2" 
ps: error: TTY could not be found.

Any suggestions how I can get rid of this bizarre entry?


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