Mike Richardson mtr3 at
Mon Feb 9 15:17:31 EST 2004

Brad Bartram wrote:
> Hey everyone - 
> I need some assistance with a mod_rewrite rule for Apache that for some reason 
> I just cannot get working.  Hopefully someone here has some insight.
> I have a url:
> What I need to do is take any request destined for:
> and have it sent to:
> That way appname is another variable that is appended to the end of the 
> request.

Although I don't see how whatever.ext is supposed to be redirected to 
index.php, I can give you some pointers:

We use something similar to this in our site
RedirectMatch ^/assets/images/(.*)\.(.*)$ /images/$1.$2

where /assets/images/img1.gif --> /images/img1.gif
(note use of regular expressions: very handy)

Might be helpful. You'd want to match everything but index.php 
(otherwise index.php will redirect to itself infinitely)

Hope this helps!

Mike Richardson
Unix/Linux Administrator - Web Developer
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University at Buffalo

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