Building a nix server

Cyber Source peter at
Mon Feb 2 08:12:45 EST 2004

quick overview response;
1. What is your internet connection?
2. I would recommend a seperate box for the firewall itself, then 
install some flavor of Linux with Shorewall for the firewall. Doesn't 
have to be much, I have one here that is a 166mhz w/32mb ram.
3. I'm not big on the wireless when it comes to a security issue.
4. I would make your main box a dhcp, email, squid behind the firewall 
running with RH9 (why 7.2?)
5. Does anyone host the domain now? Would you/Could you host it there, 
see question one, if so, add email and apache to the list of question four.
6. Google online is the best information source (up 2 date) I have found 
for Linux, and here on the list.

hawkwynd wrote:

>	Currently, I have an AMD K62-550 w/ 256mb ram, Adaptec AAA-131
>raid controller w/ 4 Ultrastar 9gb drives and a 20gb eide boot disk. The
>Os is win2k server which I am using as my gateway to the ISP for my
>workstations. I know I could replace it easily with a router and be done
>with it, but I have another idea/wish for it. 
>	I would like to configure that machine to be the following:
>1. An Internet gateway for my home network, as well as the firewall to
>prevent all the evils from coming in to my network. I also have a wireless
>access point tied into my switch, for my notebook which is currently
>running win2k, (soon to be nix).
>2. an email server for myself (using Pine on Rh 7.2), and my wife's
>machine, who is using OE on her win2k pro machine. 
>	I own a domain name,, and would like to set up 2 or
>three email accounts for our own private use, instead of the spam ladened
>accounts we use now from our ISP. I know there is a way to do this with
>	Got any good book titles or URL's so I can make this happen? If
>not all, I'd accept one piece of the list so far to get me started.
>Thank you.

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