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OK, sounds like you've got a few problems. First, from a command prompt,
run the command neat, then adjust your network settings accordingly.
Your address should not be hosting to adelphia so remove the
adelphia stuff and put in localhost.localdomain .
You need to see how your harddrive is being recognized, run the command
dmesg and see what your hard drive is, it is probably something like
/dev/hde since it's on a seperate controller. There are a bunch of
options that can be put in the lilo.conf file, most importantly the
map-drive= line, to give you an idea of the seperate commands on a dual
boot/multi hard drive system, I will include a copy of my /etc/lilo.conf
file, if you change that, run the lilo command again and you can
probably do away with the floppy, One other VERY important note, some
systems cant handle the linear geometry, change that to lba32 if so,

disk=/dev/sda bios=0x80
disk=/dev/hdb bios=0x82

        append="hdc=ide-scsi root=LABEL=/"

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 22:32, Joe Isom wrote:

> I used the command Mark gave me, and the settings for iptables look as
> you say it should.  But nothing changed with respect to my inability to
> go anywhere but  And it is the site as opposed to
> any built-in help files.  For example, I was able to sign up for the
> demo RHN account and have it query my system for available updates.
> Also, I attempted to edit my etc/hosts file.  It now looks like this:
> # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
> # that require network functionality will fail.
>	localhost
> That host name above is what I got from the Host Name field in ipconfig
> when I was running Windows.  I'm not sure about that IP address though. 
> Does it look like I set it up correctly?  I still get the "Welcome to
> dhcp-124-6" at the login screen, and the "Could not look up internet
> address . . ." message when logging in despite making this change.
> Another problem that I didn't mention before is that I can only boot
> from a floppy.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I guess it is because my
> BIOS doesn't know how to look for the hard drive as a bootable device. 
> And that may be because my drive is connected through an ultra ATA
> controller card being that it is too large for my system BIOS.  When I
> go into my BIOS setup, it simply shows my onboard IDE 1 channels as
> being empty (which they are) and my DVD and CD as installed in the IDE 2
> channels.  It can't see the controller card or the two drives attached
> to it.  However, when the machine boots, I can see when the BIOS on the
> controller card runs and detects the two drives attached to it.
> Anyway, I was wondering if there might be a setting on the floppy that
> is giving me trouble.
> Again, I'm most appreciative of all your help.
> Joe Isom
> On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, John Seth wrote:
> > cd /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/
> > ls
> > (look for something named S##iptables, mine is S08iptables)
> > mv S08iptables K08iptables
> > (change the "S" to a "K")
> > ls
> Actually, use chkconfig again:
> chkconfig --level 345 iptables off
> Then you don't have to mess around with the symlinks & Ks & Ss manually.
> >
> > There should now be K##iptables.  Now iptables will not start on
> bootup.
> >  Using 'setup' RedHat will always try to get you to reset your
> firewall
> > to "High"... it doesn't reflect any changes you made, at least not on
> my
> > RH 9 system (which I'm using now).

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