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Thats what I thought. But when I take out the linux hdd and try to boot into Windows I get LI and it dosent boot into windoze. 

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If, when you take out the other hard drive, you cannot boot into windows, it must be like a jumper thing of BIOS detection issue, a hard drive with windows and no boot loader should just boot windows
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Yea . I think he feels more comfortable if it were windows booting. I noticed too that the Linux hdd is starting to go bad its making alot of crazy noises and is old. If I replace the hdd and reinstall Linux with out a bootloader I can still use the bootloader disk right? But the lilo bootloader is still on the Windows partition because when I take the Linux hdd out and reboot to Windows I get LI. I can t boot into windoze. 

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If you created one. The only thing I don't like about that is other than the increadable reliability of floppies, the kernel on the floppy isn't updated like it is with booting off the HD when you do up2date. He just doen't like the picture or what?

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 Would he be abe to use the bootdisk to boot into Linux?  

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What  does it matter if lilo is there? you can have it boot windows by 

default. How would he boot into linux then? But if you must, fdisk /mbr 

from a dos disk.

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I setup a Dual boot Linux - hdb /Windoze - hda box for a family member who like using Linux for the games.I set it up using LILO. He wants to have it boot directly into Winblows without using lilo. How do I get rid of lilo and have it boot into windows? I took out the Linux hdd and tried to boot into indows but can only see the letters LI . Do I need to blow away the mbr? Do I do fdisk /mbr in Windows or Linux to delete the mbr?  Any suggestions? 





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