Dual boot

Justin Bennett justin.bennett at dynabrade.com
Thu Jun 26 09:32:41 EDT 2003

What  does it matter if lilo is there? you can have it boot windows by 
default. How would he boot into linux then? But if you must, fdisk /mbr 
from a dos disk.

Riga, Anthony wrote:

>I setup a Dual boot Linux - hdb /Windoze - hda box for a family member who like using Linux for the games.I set it up using LILO. He wants to have it boot directly into Winblows without using lilo. How do I get rid of lilo and have it boot into windows? I took out the Linux hdd and tried to boot into indows but can only see the letters LI . Do I need to blow away the mbr? Do I do fdisk /mbr in Windows or Linux to delete the mbr?  Any suggestions? 

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