is the meeting on or off (Meeting RECAP)

JJ Neff jjneff at
Mon Jun 23 08:59:19 EDT 2003

The weather was nice and the official word came late.  However a few hardy
souls showed up.  

I haven't been to a meeting in quite some time and felt I needed to get to one
to "get in touch with my inner geek".

The new meeting place is one of the finest we've had.  It is small enough to
feel personal but has the space to have a group of people sit and watch a large
monitor or projector on one wall.  There is parking and Internet access.  It's
on major bus routes and accessible from the 190 or the 33 or city streets.  If
we have more thatn 20 people than the room may feel tight but there are couches
to relax on and a large table to set up workstations on.  Since it is a private
office there will be a little bit stricter rules regarding mess and moving of
existing equipment but nothing that will keep us from functioning.

The only shortcoming at this time is we don't have a great way to let people at
the door inform people inside the building that they are there.  THe bell is a
small telecom type and very difficult to hear.  We will try to work something
out but leaving the door unlocked the whole afternoon is not an option
unfortunately. Of course a few of us used cell-phones to call the person inside
but we can't expect that to be the solution.  SORRY to anyone who came and
no-one answered the door.

This week we did an Solaris 9 install on an Ultra 10 SPARC workstation.  Got it
running and started downloading updates when we ran out of time.  Perhaps in
future gatherings we can explore more with the box.  

Hope to see more of you there (especially those who want help installing or
getting and existing system running) next time.

John J. Neff
--- Robert Meyer <meyer_rm at> wrote:
> Sorry folks, the meeting is going to be at 100 S Elmwood on the second floor.
> I just got the keys on Friday and I still don't know if we will have access
> to
> the elevator.  For that matter, I don't know if the key that I have for the
> suite will work but I'm hoping.
> If the elevator doesn't work, I'll make signs pointing to the place to go to
> get to the suite.
> The room you're looking for is the N.Y.C.L.U office (also Paul Fallon esq.). 
> It's on the second floor.  We have access to the Internet on a DSL line. 
> There
> is a hub available that we can hook up to but please bring cables because we
> have very few there (no funding).
> Attached is a map of the location.  It's on the corner of Mohawk and S.
> Elmwood
> and there is parking in the lot next to the building (North on S. Elmwood). 
> The building is actually a double building and the entrance is on S. Elmwood
> in
> the part on the left (the lot is to the right).
> See you there...
> Cheers!
> Bob
> --- Qlite13205 at wrote:
> > no one has told us the time or place
> > 
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