MYSQL Server and MS access

Michael Richardson mtr3 at
Tue Jun 17 14:21:21 EDT 2003


Have you set up your user account to allow remote access?

Normally, you have to have several instances of your user 
account in mysql.user (the database mysql, table user). 
This allows host-level security.

by default, users have their host set to localhost, meaning 
that connections with that username are only allowed from 
the same machine.

What you would need to do is the following in the MySQL 

GRANT <privleges> ON <table>.* TO ariga@'' 
IDENTIFIED BY  'password']

replacing <privleges> with whatever access that user needs 
to <table> (or if you need access for every table and every 
db, *.*)

You *could* forget the ip address and make the user 
ariga@'%', but that opens you up to a whole slew of 
security issues.

More on account management:

When interacting with MySQL, I found that MySQL Control 
Center is pretty handy for performing user administration. 
Get it at:

Hope that helps!

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