Sure someone has seen this error before. Any ideas?

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Mon Jun 16 19:55:25 EDT 2003

Yeah, go through the code and find out what it's doing with tmpnam and rewrite
the code to use mkstemp :-) .  I don't think that it should be erroring out on
that, it's just a warning.

Must be old code if it's still using tmpnam.  That went the way of the dodo
years ago.


--- Carl Yost Jr <carlyos at> wrote:
> Just trying tro get cgiemail runing on my redhat server until I can get our
> Sun server reloaded. Everytime I compile cgiemail do the make I error out
> with multiple "the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'"
> errors. Any ideas? Many thanks.
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