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Asheville Joe josephj at
Mon Jun 2 17:27:12 EDT 2003

So much for foresight!
Just out of curiousity, sold it to who?


ron browning wrote:

> Parc use was older and went back to a wordprocessor system.  Xerox 
> then went to Xerox 'Globalview' which unlike the current stuff had 
> security and a document control system better then Lotus Notes.  Xerox 
> sold the source for 25K for both the windows and Unix version and as 
> we said at Xerox, "it didn't use toner"!
> */Robert Meyer <meyer_rm at>/* wrote:
>     --- Asheville Joe wrote:
>     > This is silly, but it costs people a lot of money! It reminds me
>     almost
>     > exactly of when Apple tried to sue Microsoft for stealing it's
>     Windows
>     > design and in the middle of the whole thing, Xerox chimed in and
>     said
>     > they both swiped it from PARC. I bet almost no one remembers
>     that by
>     > now - as it should be.
>     I remember that whole mess. I actually saw a version of the Xerox
>     'Globalview'
>     program in action. The icons were identical to Apple's original
>     desktop
>     layout. I always wondered if M$ would have been slowed down if
>     they had lost
>     the lawsuit. Probably not, woulda just bought Apple out.
>     Cheers!
>     Bob
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