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Wed Jul 16 15:17:51 EDT 2003

Favicon.ico can be stored by an end-users browsers, usually in cache, or
memory. I'd try that first.  If it's your config file, it should have no
reason to allow such access outside of it's docroot unless you're running an
older buggy version of Apache.  Since most websites I run are virtual hosts, I
usually setup "ServerName" to be the www.domain.tld, and "ServerAlias" to be
"domain.tld", in some cases I've set "ServerAlias" to "*.domain.tld", tho I
personally am not in favor of using wildcards with Apache, unless necessary,
such as limiting cgi-bin's within customer accounts (<Directory

  If it does that still, and both cases are taken into account, I can only
mutter one word ... "weird".

<? print(pack("c*", 74,117,115,116,32,/* Tony Evans                  */
 65,110,111,116,104,101,114,32,80,72, /* Linux/Web Implementation    */
 80,32,72,97,99,107,101,114,46,10));  /* */ ?>

> i stop and started httpd with apachectl. i think it's the httpd.conf,  it's
> really old and messy, i'm going to recreate it and see if it fixes it.
> Cyber Source wrote:
>> restart httpd?
>> On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 12:57, Darin Perusich wrote:
>>>i saw that, i'm not sure why it's grabbing a favicon.ico from outside
>>> it's docroot. i'll figure it out soon enough though.
>>>Cyber Source wrote:
>>>> for what is worth, I see that it's fixed but there is still a chinese
>>>> symbol/icon that shows next to the address bar location when you hit
>>>> just, thought you might want to know that.
>>>> On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 11:56, Darin Perusich wrote:
>>>>>this is a misconfiguration in apache, i've fixed it.
>>>>>i'll update the meeting location and grab a map from yahoo, the location
>>>>>  i have is:
>>>>>100 S Elmwood 2nd Floor Buffalo on the corner of Mohawk and S. Elmwood
>>>>> the room is N.Y.C.L.U office (Paul Fallon esq.)
>>>>>Cyber Source wrote:
>>>>>> Just something else I noticed about the nflug domain that is, has
>>>>>> anyone  tried to go to just without the www host? Pictures
>>>>>> of some  chinese family, etc? Is this right?
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