Kernel compile problems

Dave Andruczyk djandruczyk at
Wed Jul 9 12:57:20 EDT 2003

> I've tried the make mrproper.  The depmods still occur.  In fact, I just
> about followed your instructions to the letter.
> The funny thing is that I receive no noticable compile errors during a
> make modules (except for the occasional warning outputs).

Can you post the exact commands you fed it, and the resulting problems please? 
I'm interested as to why your build failed,  also, do a "du -s " in /usr/src
linux.  (total disk space usage for that dir tree)

Also some info on your distro, what version, and where did you get your kernel
source (from your distro?, or from, or elsewhere?)

One last thing,  how long did it take from start to the errors in time?  IF it
went REALLY fast (under 5 minutes), and you don't have something faster than
1.5Ghz, then something is wrong (incomplete tree?)


Dave J. Andruczyk

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