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Wed Jul 9 07:51:12 EDT 2003

depending on how sendmail is setup it will process the mail queue 
(/var/spool/mqueue) every so often. this is done with the '-q[TIME]' 
argument, solaris runs the queue every 15 minutes (-q15m), redhat every 
hour (-q1h).

the email that your cron job sends should send the message as soon as 
the job completes. the message usually doesn't get placed into the queue 
unless there is a problem, can't communicate with smtp relay, can't 
resolve a domain, etc.

you can view the messages in the mqueue by running mailq(1).

Riga, Anthony wrote:
> I have a cron job set up to send emails at certain times. Where are the emails stored when they are being sent? I noticed when my emails were not being sent out I restarted sendmail and they all got sent at one time. Just wondering where they are kept. 

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