News reader?

Robert F. Stockdale IV javabob at
Thu Jul 3 04:37:38 EDT 2003

First you need to direct it to a news server. Check with your ISP first.
If they don't have all the selections your interested in then google for
free news servers. The problem with the free ones are that you might not
be permitted to post(No write priv). Once you've selected a server then
you need to select the subscribe. It will search for available news list
and then you can search/select and subscribe.
Hope this helps.

On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 23:31, Asheville Joe wrote:
> I finally found File->Subscribe but my Account field is blank and has no 
> options and just filling in a newsgroup search string does nothing.  So 
> some account setting needs to be configured.
> Joe
> A. Paul LeBarron II wrote:
> >Mozilla has a news reader, there is also Pan
> >

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