So, are we changing the meeting place

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Sun Mar 31 14:05:48 EST 2002

So far, I've heard a number of people agree that they'd like to move the
meeting to the place that Joe Bielli:

On the simple and free note, I got the company to approve providing free space
/ facility use for NFLUG meetings at our office @ the corner of Cayuga and
Cleveland drive, (easy access from the 33 or 90) should the group be interested
(I spoke with Dege about this on the phone earlier).. we have conference room,
refrigerator, internet access, high speed coffee machine, etc.. I believe our
building is about 4000 sq feet or so.

The company that is offering the space is Computer SOS, Inc. / NetSOS, Inc. and
so far as I can tell, looks like a good deal.  They have all of the things that
we'd want in a place to meet, especially Internet access and coffee :-)

Since the place in the Statler Towers has been getting problematic for parking
and the Internet connection is gone, I pose the question to the group:

Do we want to move to the location at Cayuga and Cleveland drive?  Everyone
please pipe up here and make your opinion known.  I will try to keep tally of
the yeas and nays but I would like someone else to keep track, too.

Joe, we still need a list of ground rules, besides the obvious.

Thanks, folks...



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