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Riga, Anthony Anthony.Riga at
Tue Mar 26 07:53:40 EST 2002

I installed with success Redhat Linux 7.1 on my sons pc dual boot with
windows 2000. I used the dd if=/dev/hda3 of=/mnt/floppy/bootsect.lnx
bs=512 count=1 command to copy the file to floppy so I can boot without
using lilo. I put the file on the root drive of winblows and then put
in the boot.ini the c:\bootsect.lnx " Redhat " . It would not let me
boot into Linux. Could it be that Winblows is set up with ntfs? Is the
command I am using to copy the file right? It seemd hda3 is not right? I
am using only one hard drive. Can some one help me...!!

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