Local Linux friendly ISP offer to NFLUG users

Robert Romito robromito at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 12:32:52 EST 2002

Has there been past talks of a small membership fee? &nbsp;Even if the fee isn't
used for room rentals, it could be used for other neat stuff like t-shirts,
some kind of contests, bringing in a speaker, hardware, etc. &nbsp;I think a small
membership fee is a worthwhile investment.<br>
If it's not waking old ghosts, could we table this for the next meeting?<br>
Robert Romito<br>
Wechter, Ron wrote:<br>
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Paying  the $5 is no problem for me -- I belong to a Volunteer Fire Dept
and have to pay  monthly dues.....&nbsp; So all in all I think this is a prime
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I agree that this opportunity    beats the opportunity at Daemen. &nbsp;If the
group officially agrees, I'll    tell Daemen to release the hold on the room.<br>
JJ Neff wrote:<br>
    <blockquote cite="mid:20020325145054.86406.qmail at web10005.mail.yahoo.com" type="cite"><pre wrap="">Joe, thanks very much for researching that, sorry I've been away from teh list<br>for a while.  The $35 fee I knew would be a problme but I was willing to<br>overlook that if others believed the space to be worthwhile, THE BEST CASE<br>SCENARIO is to have out meetings at teh offices of an ISP.<br><br>We offer them free advertising and possible customers, they offer us free space<br>to meet and an Internet connection to Quake on.<br><br><br>JJN<br>--- Joe Bielli <a class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="mailto:jbielli at netsos.com">&lt;jbielli at netsos.com&gt;</a> wrote:<br></pre>
      <blockquote type="cite"><pre wrap="">Okay, well I think that if anyone here works for a company who is<br>willing to extend a special offer to NFLUG users then they should be<br>able to do so as it is -only- for nflug users and affiliates.<br> <br>On the simple and free note, I got the company to approve providing free<br>space / facility use for NFLUG meetings at our office @ the corner of<br>Cayuga and Cleveland drive, (easy access from the 33 or 90) should the<br>group be interested (I spoke with Dege about this on the phone<br>earlier).. we have conference room, refrigerator, internet access, high<br>speed coffee machine, etc.. I believe our building is about 4000 sq feet<br>or so.<br><br></pre>
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