Local Linux friendly ISP offer to NFLUG users

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> EULA - End User License Agreement - A binding legal contract that the
> consumer (End User) enters into with a commercial software company (Also
known as
> an "end user", but meaning something TOTALLY different! 8-O) by breaking
> seal/shrinkwrap on a commercial software product without being able to
read first
> and whose only recourse is to not use the product involved, reformatting
the hard
> drive and sacrificing a pigeon and two bullocks, but which cannot be
> because said product was opened, voiding any return/refund privileges,
which is
> explicitly stated in the EULA, but cannot be read w/o opening the product
> known as the "Catch 22 Clause"!).
> Clauses include, but are not limited to:
> Use of your computer at any time by the software provider.
> "Leasing" of your computer's resources to third parties for what ever
purpose and
> at whatever times they deem needful.
> The right of the software provider to disable your computer at their
> any time and for any reason, especially if you refuse the "enhancements"
to be
> provided at a future date.
> The right to alter any terms of the EULA at any moment and enforce such
> immediately without prior notification and/or consent and still have such
terms be
> binding.
> The right to confiscate your property, car, bank account or other assets
as needed
> or wanted.  This includes firstborn sons and/or other offspring if there's
a market
> for them.
> The right to terminate, without prejudice or warning, your life or any
relative if
> you speak / publish any negative comments, whether true or not, whether
> comments may prevent harm to another person or not, about the software
covered by
> the EULA.
> I guess that covers the milder conditions. ;-)  Not that I mind licensing
> agreements per se, but they've gotten more and more out of hand since I've
> using computers.  I don't like them, can you tell?  Simply being notified
that by
> breaking the seal, I agree to abide by all the clauses set forth in an
> format on the media inside that sometimes can't be read w/o use of the
> doesn't seem very proper.  And I'm pretty sure that somewhere it says we
can't be
> forced to sign away our Constitutional Rights and have it be legally
binding.  I
> could be wrong.
> -Greg
> p.s.  I hope nobody is offended by the outrageous embellishments! ;-)
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> >       Ehehe J You sound like an EULA sometimes J no big deal, thanks
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> >
> >
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> >       Please explain what is an EULA?
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> >       The (opinions) of this lug's members are just that and no more!
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> >       Ron
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Well.......and I thought I was the master of dry humor.

Brought to from the law offices of:

Dunn, Cheatem and How.


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