Question about BSD init vs. SysV init

Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Fri Mar 22 12:15:40 EST 2002

According to my linux box (redhat 7.1), the inittab is read upon boot.  In
that file, the line:

# System initialization.

dictates which file is executed.  This controls runlevel, and what bootup
scripts are read & started upto login.

I believe that your assessment is correct..  Modifying what scripts are
called by init will allow you to make your system more SysV-ish.  Just
don't accidently omit any neccessary bootup calls ;)


> Hi.  I've been reading more about BSD init vs. SysV init.  I run
> Slackware, which uses BSD-like init, but also has a sysvinit script.
> My question is:  Does BSD init use a different init executable that SysV
> init?
>  From what I've been reading, it seems that BSD init and SysV init are
> just two different ways to organize your bootscripts.  The  init program
> called by the kernel at boot is the same for either style.  So if I
> wanted to make my system more SysV-ish I only need to re-org my scripts
> as per SysV convention.  I do not need to download and compile a
> different version of init.
> Is my understanding on target?
> Robert.


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