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> Hi Everyone.  Sorry I missed the last meeting.
> I think that working with another user group  is a great idea.  A LUG
> partnership could open a lot of linux doors to WNY.  I think this option
> should be option #1.  I am investigating a backup plan, however, in case
> this option falls through.  My father-in-law-to-be (July 12 :-) ) is a
> department head at Daemen College.  Daemen is around Main St.  &  Harlem
> Rd.  There is plenty of free parking.
> Robert Romito.
And another good suggestion!


> >Gentlemen,
> >
> >I have not been following this thread too closely so I maybe sharpening
an old saw. As a part time student in the computer science program at UB,  I
am aware that UB has a LUG  (for students only) and the infrastructure to
support it.  I also know many member in this NFLUG know UB (or ex UB
students) students.  Some of them post to NFLUG  from time to time.
> >
> >I think they (UBLUG) would be sympathetic to NFLUG's situation.  I don't
know what UB's overall attitude would be toward a non - profit computer club
using their facilities, but I would imagine that UB's LUG could be an ally
in obtaining UB's permission.  It could be pitched as an "educational"
(emphasis)  community service. UB has an entire division call Millard
Fillmore Collage that is for continuing professional education (a.k.a. adult
education) All they can say is no.  However, if they say yes (even with
conditions) it is a convenient location and they are 'wired' for sound.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Wayne
> >

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