CD-RW's Drive Problems.

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Wed Mar 13 08:45:13 EST 2002

There is a setting somewhere in the IDE hardware information that turns on DMA.
 If you don't have that on, you get just what you're getting now.  I don't know
for sure where the setting is, but you can probably find it if you poke around
enough.  Sorry, I'm not a Windoze affectionado.


--- Ronald Maggio <r.v.maggio at> wrote:
> I'm having a problem with a I/O magic burner. I will state that I'll try it
> with Linux before I give up.
> Ok here it is I have set the drive to slave although I/O magic states that
> they recommend to use it as master.
> I'm getting nothing but buffer underruns and questionable copied cdr's. Does
> anyone have any input on this before 
> I remove it and its software. These off brand or cheep knockoff's of this
> type of hardware are not as flexible in there
> installation settings as better brand named products. ie: Hewlett Packard and
> the like. 
> I assume the same problems should occur in Linux since its a hardware issue
> and not a software issue. 
> I did close (((ALL))) tsr's. I'm running dual-boot and can't set it to
> master.
> I read all the info that came with it and I went to there web page to find
> info, but I came up with the same conclusion.
> It has to be set to master in order to work right. 
> If this can't be worked out I'll just remove it and save up the money to buy
> a named brand unit. ie: HP.
> Ron

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