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Charles Rishel chaz03 at localnet.com
Thu Mar 7 23:08:41 EST 2002

You know, one of these days I am gonna have to burn a vacation day and make 
a meeting..

Heck, I got spare floppy drive and we could setup a coyote 
firewall/router.  I setup mine and it rocks.. virtually forget that its 
there most of the time.  That is until I tried to Xfer a file in Mirc LOL.. 
then I had to redo my port forwarding scripts to redirect the ports for my 
machine.  Did get it accomplished though.. working fine now.

Sounds to me like that would be a great use for those machines... I did 
mine with my first "real" computer.. Micron 166Mhz.. now has a 133 Intel 
proc in it though..
I say my first "real" computer, cuz my first computer was the TRS80 
COCOII.. was more of a glorified keyboard.. but worked for programming in 
basic real nicely... till I turned it off that is.. see, had no tape 
drive.. but DID buy a modem for it.. LOL


At 11:36 AM 3/7/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, JJ!
>GREAT Idea!
>I have some old ISA & VLB VGA cards, but don't expect to run X very 
>well.  Are the
>boards are ISA or >GASP!< VLB??  Some DEC Etherworks3 ISA NICs ... not 
>much other
>hardware.  Maybe some 4 Meg 72 pin SIMMs ... LOTS of 30 pin 1 Meg 
>SIMMs!  (Remember
>them??)  Maybe a 40 MEG HD, but nothing larger, and only 5.25" floppy 
>drives, not
>very helpful in that department.  :-(  I'll bring the 10baseT hub again.
>BTW, speaking of old hardware ... I found a "gotcha" in the Mandrake 8.1 
>... The DEFAULT monitor is a High Frequency Super VGA monitor, well, 
>that's NOT
>what I have, and because it's Xwindows, you CAN'T easily change it if you 
>accept it!  The default video mode drives older SVGA monitors berserk and 
>may very
>well blow them out!  I'm not impressed w/ an install that can seriously do 
>to hardware just by accepting the default.  Good thing I was working on 
>the other
>computer (which also has an incompatable monitor!) while my daugher was 
>running the
>install and rescued things before any damage was done.  A rank newbie 
>would just be
>appalled and confused and SOL if the monitor blew.  I tried to fix things 
>xf86config, but Mandrake blissfully ignored any changes I tried to 
>make!   Just one
>of the "hazards" of installing the newer distros on older hardware I 
>guess.  It's
>back to good ol' reliable :-D Slackware! :-D for my daughter and me!  By 
>the time
>she shows up for the next meeting, she'll be a "Slackware Babe"! ;-)
> > I have two smaller tower cases that have MB and ~P75 chips and a little 
> memory, they
> > have video (1 does) and I can slap on some ISA nics.  THey need floppy 
> drives and
> > hard drives.
> >
> > I will brig them Sunday and donate them to teh group for people the use and
> > practive on.  If anyone has strange hardware or old hard drives they 
> can doante
> > bring them along, sound cards old speakers etc will also be welcome...
> >
> >
> > JJN
> >
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