"Bare Metal Recovery"

S. Lawton green_man at bluefrognet.net
Wed Mar 6 18:10:59 EST 2002

On 5 Mar 2002, at 10:49, Gregory J. Neumann wrote:

> Saw the post on the "Window Washing"! LOL!  It's usually less time consuming than 
> "scandisk" and "defrag"!
I do a lot of work with documents [creating, editing, reformatting, 
saving different versions, deleting] so I scan and defrag files and 
free space once a week. One week I forgot. The next week I got 
the message, "This drive is 37% fragmented. This may take some 
NO KIDDING !!!  It should have said, "This drive is 37% fragmented, 
go clean your house." 

Thanks for the HOWTO link. 


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