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JJ Neff jjneff at
Mon Mar 4 20:14:24 EST 2002

You may have tried this already but are you trying to run sound as root, if so
never mind but if not do so and see if it works if so then it permissions.


Just try setting and /dev/audio stuff to 777 and see if it helps...

--- "S. Lawton " <green_man at> wrote:
> Ron- 
>  Opening Kmixer and unmuting and max volume was one of the 
> first solutions I found searching Mandrake User, but no mention 
> was made about NOT saving the settings, so I think I probably did. 
>  Oh, well. I may have to wipe and reinstall [what I call Washing 
> Windows :-) if your windows are dirty, replace the glass, right ?]   
> Regarding the Celeron box, was it actually Sound Blaster, or just 
> SB compatible ? Mine is SB compatible, detected as Trident. From 
> what I found out, SB compatible means many different things to 
> different mfgs, especially concerning linux application drivers. 
>  Whatever Dege did at the last meeting got the CD player 
> working, but that's a direct connection from audio out on the drive 
> to the sound jack via a 4 strand cable, [analog all the way] not the 
> IDE ribbon. It's a digital to analog conversion problem, because 
> Kmedia or whatever it is, will load files and play them [shows file 
> size and elapsed time running] but nothing from the speakers. 
>  There is nothing in /dev/sound or /dev/snd, but I found out that 
> alsa-utils is not loaded by default on a Man8.1 install, and must be 
> selected, so that's the next step I guess, and might even solve the 
> modem and netcard snag. It's back to the web tonight for more 
> research, then switch to the tux box and fiddle tomorrow. 
> Scott
> Windows: Where do you want to go today?
> MacOS: Where do you want to be tomorrow?
> Linux: Are you coming, or what?
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