LAN browsing.....

Sun Sep 23 03:38:38 EDT 2001

I am novice to networking.
I am trying to browse windows pc files frommy linux
linux machine is HP pavilion with KDE desktop.
windows  machines are 2 separate dell PCs (Dimensions)
all connected to switch-netgear router-cablemodem.

the windows pc has win2000 professional.(these two
machines can access each other files , basically
sharing files).

Now i want to access windows files at the linux
machine, I know i can configure samba, other than that
what option i have.
Even for samba what all steps I have to make it share
and work.
Error message i get when click on KDE lan browsing is
Could not connect to local host localhost.

WE have Adelphia cable modem., i can send mails using
this linuc PC, access web, 
Is there specific IP settings i have to do.

Hope my questions are clear.


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Buffalo NY - 14223
Ph : 716 877 0669

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