Network settings

Jeff Blank jblank at
Thu Oct 18 13:22:31 EDT 2001


Yes I am on a desktop...  I believe the problem was a compatibility issue 
between Progeny's dist and the official woody/sid dists...  I recently 
checked Progeny's web site and they have now posted a migration path from 
progeny to woody.  It is not a straight run and that is where my problems 
most likely arose from.  I am now in the process of upgrading my system 
from a fresh progeny install to woody using the published method.  FWIW 
I'll post the results tomorrow.

With regards to Sundays meeting, how big of a problem will it be if I don't 
bring a system.  I really can't yank my current system up and transport it 
very easily.  Would it be possible to "look over someone's shoulder'"for 
the meeting?  I am looking forward to attending.

Some thoughts on possible topics for future meetings....

Debian - how to use the package management tools (apt, dpkg, and dselect) 
and maybe an installation of the dist at some point?

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