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Tue Nov 20 11:09:57 EST 2001

Umm... Try Slackware?? ;-)  Sorry, my experiences w/ RedHat have been not 
very happy since 5.2.  I completely gave up on it on 6.2 thinking "Enough 
is enough!  If I want my manually set configurations overridden every 
time I start an X client, I'll use Windows!"  I really like the RedHat 
installation, and if somebody doesn't need/want to tweak the setup, it's 
great.  Actually, RH is awesome for the new Linux user.  It just annoyed 
me as much as Windows does.  Maybe if I hadn't already cut my teeth on 
Slackware before I even heard of RedHat, I'd like it better.  

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> So -- were there major errors after compiling the new Kernel on Redhat 
> I will be installing it on thursday night so any tips would definitely 
> What are some errors to watch for?

> Ron

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> The stock redhat 7.2 kernel is heavily modded, however you can get by
> just fine (albeit a few error messages) after recompiling a new 2.4.14..

> I patched to include ext3 support, and also noticed quite a few
> networking features need to be included (I don't remember the details)..
> I'm running error free. I noticed that if you want to run 95/98/nt/2000
> apps under X, there are some wine features missing that redhat patched
> in their custom kernel.

> A friend just did an rpm update of the kernel on a 7.2 and it went
> without a hitch. I think that's Scary :)

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> Has anyone used or installed the new 7.2 Redhat Linux yet. I was going
> to upgrade mine to 7.2 because I am running 7.1 and was wondering if it
> is easy to install and if it has plugins already built-in for Netscape.
> usually I do a custom install for 7.1 and it works great. Any install
> tips for duell boot with Windows please let me know.  Has anyone heard
> of LinDows? It is Linux based and you will be able to run Linux and
> Windows Apps on same OS. Has anyone tried it yet?

>                       --Thanks

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