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Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Nov 13 15:24:39 EST 2001

Here's what Geocrawler came up with:

> I installed reiserfs on all my partitions except /boot
  > When it boots it comes to Reiserfs checking / and just sits there with
  > "will put log info to stderr" forever until you hit ENTER key.
  > Anyone seen this?

Probably, reiserfsck awaits for confirmation from you. It is not supposed
to be started by bootup scripts. Although, if your bootup scripts used
fsck -a, reiserfsck would not wait for confirmation. (At least it is
supposed to be so).

You might want to:
ln /sbin/reiserfsck /sbin/fsck.reiserfs


change fs_freq and fs_passno (5-th and 6-th records) of lines in
/etc/fstab which describe how to mount reiserfs partitions.


> i'm setting up a few redhat 7.1 systems and all the filesystems on these
> machines are reiserfs, with the exception of /boot. i found a nifty
> "updates" floppy that lets you create reiser filesystems thru the redhat
> installer, very cool, let me know if anyone wants it. anyway, when the
> system boots up and it goes to mount / it pauses as says " Will put log
> info to stderr" and expects either a <CR> or yes <CR>. what really gets
> me is that i've modifed /etc/fstab to NOT fsck /.
> any ideas?
> i'm using a custom kernel, 2.4.14 that i've patched to support LVM
> (logical volume managment) but i'm getting the same thing with the stock
> redhat smp and enterprise kernels.
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