"Obligatory Meeting" and SMP question

Richard Hubbard hubbardr at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 10 09:02:52 EST 2001

The scsi drives are huge.  My own experience came from running (sorry about
this) Windows NT on an IDE system, moving it to a Hardware raid-5 system,
but with a slower processor, and even NT looked fast. (Unfortunately, this
was about 1 year ago before I knew how to set up a samba server...bummer!)


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Yep, it works. I run Mandrake (8.0 actually) on a P-Pro 200. Been
running and in heavy use for 88 days straight now without a reboot or
clich. Suprisingly snappy as well, considering the speed of the
processor. All-SCSI drives makes all the difference I guess. =)

--- "Gregory J.Neumann" <gjn at certainlywood.com> wrote:
> Ya' think 'drake 8.1 would work on an old Pentium
> Pro?  My first
> inclination is Slackware (of course!) but if I
> remember correctly, it'll
> take a recompile.  Maybe not w/ Slackware 8.
> I'll HAVE to show up for the meeting now, I don't
> have Mandrake 8.1 Cds!
> ;-)

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