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Richard Hubbard hubbardr at
Fri Nov 9 05:23:16 EST 2001

Thanks to all who replied.  I still haven't made up my mind yet (partially
due to the fact that I'm not sure about the budget yet..) but I'm very glad
I posted the question.

Thanks again to all!


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Richard Hubbard wrote:

> I am currently in the market for a laptop that needs to meet the following
> conditions...
> 1. cheap
> 2. reliable
> 3. runs linux (see item 1)(x-window) quickly
> Because of item 3, my guess is that a pentium of the 233 class should be
> adequate (i saw that p75 doing great as long as there it was a text
> but as soon as the x-window system loaded, it died..)
> I'm currently looking at e-bay and I really need to know, are there any
> brands to avoid?  I have run linux on Dell's before, so I know those work.
> Also, as far as basic software is concerned, I'm probably going to be
> running StarOffice (This will be used for business, so I will need to
> interoperate with M$ Office, otherwise K Office looks great!)  The other
> question I have is ... Is there a QuickBooks Style Small business
> software package out there for Linux? (yes, If I am pushed, I can write
> but right now I'm lazy.  If I can't find one, then I know what my next
> project is!)
> Thanks for your help!
> Richard Hubbard
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If your going to run Star Office forget cheap(ie:inexpensive). If you
want the best price/performance ratio then choose AMD Athlon. Also don't
forget to recompile the kernel for the Athlon if you go that route. Most
Distro's default to pentium kernel. Star Office is a resource hog. If
you run this and don't have at least 128 meg RAM you will be fustrated
rather quickly. Don't know what your budget is, but HP has a nice
machine currently being marketed. This notebook has 1 Ghz AMD Athlon/4,
256 Meg Ram,20gig hd,15" TFT display, built in Ethernet, DVD/CDRW combo
drive and many other feature. Compaq offers a similar machine for a few
hundred less and has smaller display and half the ram. These can be
found locally for $1300 to $1500 after rebates. Typical pentium nbooks
of similar performance would be over $2000.
	A shopping tip: I always use Shopping bots to find the best price before
I look at ebay or ubid. To find bots look to
where you'll find many. Hope this helps.

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