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Richard Hubbard hubbardr at
Thu Nov 8 08:05:49 EST 2001

I am currently in the market for a laptop that needs to meet the following
1. cheap
2. reliable
3. runs linux (see item 1)(x-window) quickly

Because of item 3, my guess is that a pentium of the 233 class should be
adequate (i saw that p75 doing great as long as there it was a text display,
but as soon as the x-window system loaded, it died..)

I'm currently looking at e-bay and I really need to know, are there any
brands to avoid?  I have run linux on Dell's before, so I know those work.

Also, as far as basic software is concerned, I'm probably going to be
running StarOffice (This will be used for business, so I will need to
interoperate with M$ Office, otherwise K Office looks great!)  The other
question I have is ... Is there a QuickBooks Style Small business accounting
software package out there for Linux? (yes, If I am pushed, I can write one,
but right now I'm lazy.  If I can't find one, then I know what my next
project is!)

Thanks for your help!

Richard Hubbard
CLP, CLI, A+, Net+, I-Net+, LCP, LCI
phone : 716-553-5048

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