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Robert Meyer meyer_rm at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 10:31:26 EDT 2001

We're still meeting this Sunday (June 17) at 1:00.  We really haven't discussed
what to do at the meeting, other than maybe trying to have a lan party.  Maybe
get a bunch of quake sessions running and frag the heck out of each other. 
There was discussion about having a meeting dedicated to security but getting
enough experts together to debate the subject has been problematic.

What would people like to do Sunday?  I need to know 'cuz if I need to bring my
machine, I need enough time to be able to plan the disassembly process :-).


--- Cyber Source <peter at thecybersource.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
>   I have something I would like to show at the meeting. I am going to print
> out my /var/log/maillog file, as there have been attempts to relay mail with
> my RedHat Linux server. I believe all attempts have been thwarted but I
> would like to get some input on the logs from the more experienced. I have
> seen a lot of mail going back and forth about this months meetings but I don
> ?t think I?ve seen any with a definite date for this month. Are we on this
> Sunday, being Fathers Day? Or is it rescheduled till the next Sunday?
> peter at thecybersource.com <mailto:peter at thecybersource.com>

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