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Wed Jun 13 16:07:29 EDT 2001

Are all the subnets correct? I just had this happen here and the cisco box had some bad subnets in a few static routes on me :( (router was setup by a supposed CCIE :) Well I only have CCNA and found the mistakes damnit all to hell )

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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 19:06:56 +0000

>i've setup a network and i'm running problems with the router i've setup
>with LRP, here's what i have. 
>a logical representation of my companies network from internal, to DMZ,
>to our ISP. for routing i have 2 cisco routers, 1 lrp. on the internal
>network there's 1 dns server, 1 smtp server, and one client for checking
>email. on the DMZ network there's 1 dns server, 1 smtp gateway that
>routes all email to internal server, both these machine are in different
>network. on the ISP side i have a dns server, to test doing a zone
>transfer between the dmz dns server which is authoritative.
>from the internal network i'm able to ping out to the
>address, i think this is because knows where that address
>is but not beyond that. from i can't get past
>this leads me to be believe that it has something to do with the routing
>table in the linux router. which is
> 	U	eth0
>		U	eth1
>			UG	eth0
>i've tried adding other static network routes but that hasn'e helped.
>i'm pretty sure thr problem lies in the linux router, but this is the
>first time i've played with one like this.
>i've include a picture, ip's and names have been changed to protect the
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