Setting NIC to eth0/eth1

Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Fri Dec 21 11:56:44 EST 2001

Do they both use the same module?

If not, you can specify that in the modules.conf file:

alias tulip eth0
alias 3com  eth1


> Does anybody know how to set which NIC becomes eth0/eth1 when the driver
> loads up? I know its kind of a trivial question, but I am developing a
> solution for a customer, and I notice that this time around, my NIC's
> have swapped. How can I set which one to be eth0 or eth1? If I boot to
> the old kernel, they are like they were. I'm sure some kernel params can
> be passed, but how can I compile it this way?
> Thanks,
> Joe Bielli
> Software Development
> Computer SOS, Inc.
> 1505 Cleveland Drive
> Buffalo, NY 14225


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