"I've Had It With Windows" rant

Robert F. Stockdale IV javabob at localnet.com
Sat Dec 8 05:16:14 EST 2001

Gregory J.Neumann wrote:

>At work, I'm forced to run Win98.  I have the network server running 
>Slackware Linux / Samba, but this workstation is Win98.  And I've had 
>it!!  I run a lean machine.  I uninstall all the Win98 "enhancements" and 
>every option that supposedly makes it "user friendly" but slows the 
>machine 10-15% just to save a few keystrokes or minor brain usage. Bonus 
>is that the less of the "incestuous intertwining" I have enabled, the 
>longer I go between BSOD's!  Now I have a little program that wants 
>"MAPI" services to do it's upload thingie.  Well, M$ support show NOTHING 
>when searching for it, except the name mentioned in a couple of articles, 
>"Windows Help" is (no surprise!) clueless on it, and even the 1400+ pages 
>of the "Windows 98 Resource Kit" book only gives you the name!  The 
>"best" advice I've gotten so far is "All you need is a MAPI enabled 
>e-mail client."  Well, between StarOffice and Netscape, that's 2, and 
>neither one of them help!!!
>My rant is this:  In Linux, there's HOWTO's , man pages and great places 
>like this.  I could be totally clueless about MAPI this morning and by 
>afternoon know exactly what processes on my Linux box need it, how to start 
>it, stop it and even what it does!  So, where in the <expletives deleted> 
>is the vaunted M$ tech support that's so superior to Linux???  :-P
>Guess I have to buy a new computer so I can get equivalent performance 
>and have the problem "fixed" by XP? ;-)
>Thanks for the rant time.
>"The network is down!  But I feel better" -Dogbert
It' the WinTel way. Pay for the hardware-Pay for the software-Pay for 
the information to use previous. Then pay to protect it/maintain it (ie 
anti-virus, scan disk, defrag) either in time and.or money.

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