Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sat Dec 1 11:20:20 EST 2001

> Whether it is NIS or LDAP, what I am trying to accomplish is one name and
> password, no matter what system I log onto on my netowork.  In the Domain
> Scheme (which I am more familiar with) I can logon with jjneff/password on any
> machine in the domain and certain things will be the same, and I only have to
> update(track) my name/password combo in one place (PDC)  How are people out "in
> the word doing it right now"  Is there a one name/password for whole netowrk
> concept?

Perhaps I can add a different angle on this:

You have 3 machines, a YP_Server, YP_Client, and HOME_DIR (contains you
home directory.

You configure your YP_Server so that a password file is pushed out to the
YP_Client.  you can also push other files, but this is the only one needed
for your setup.

(example of a passwd entry stored on the YP_Server)
jjneff:IWXP8J9rVbRkU:1000:1000:John Neff:/net/HOME_DIR/home/jjneff:/bin/tcsh

Configure your YP_Client so that is searches for NIS maps from YP_Server

The user jjneff should NOT exist in the passwd file on YP_Client.  Once
NIS is running on YP_Client, you can finger jjneff, and will receive the
info matching the entry from YP_Server.

As per mounting the NFS parition, I would not suggest adding it to your
fstab file.  Instead, I would suggest using automounter, like amd or
autofs.  In fact, I think you can configure YP_Server to push autofs maps
to YP_Clients.

It feels more efficient this way.  Now, the nfs disk will be mounted only
when you plan on using the disc.

My $.02


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