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Hello All,
  I was just wondering this morning if this mail list had stopped or if I
had become removed or something because I havent had any mail from this in a
while, especially about last Sunday, which I apparently missed and would
have really enjoyed the Font topic, anyway, I have been majorly busy
scrambling to reconfigure my networks here as my current SDSL provider of 4
months is pulling out of the area. Luckily there is a provider taking over
for them but with new IP allocations and my router that cost $700 will not
work with there DSLAM. So as is becoming a practice, I have been turning to
Linux for help. I have downloaded and made a boot disk with the Linux Router
Project version 2.9.8 and have it up and running, completely running off ram
from a floppy, NO HDD NEEDED! Anyway, after searching all over on the net, I
have found nothing in respect to how to configure and use this. I am not
that savvy in configuring a router in the first place but the one that I did
have, was pretty simple. Does anyone have any experience in this? If so and
you think you might be able to help, I could explain my IP config's,etc.
What a great way to use that 486!(I currently have it on a p166). Any help
as always would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, peter at

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This past Sunday we took an exploratory look at Fonts in Linux.

Here are some links to articles that will help any one interested in using
TrueType or Type 1 fonts on a Linux box in X, Printing and StarOffice.

FIRST:  Read the Font HOWTO.  It is a must to really understand the way
work in Linux and make the whole font server vs. print server thign much

Then if you are interested in StarOffice the StarOffice documentation
on installing Fonts)can be better understood (although having read the above
may eliminate the need to read teh SO docs, but it's good info anyway.  The
HOWTO goes into installing fonts in StarOffice actually less confusing than
SO doc.

Then to Find FONTS go to :

EVEN IF you don't use MAndrake the article is still worthwhile.  Not only
it point out where fonts can be retrieved, but also has a short discussion
EULA's and the usability of "proprietery" fonts in an Open Source

MY SUGGESTION.  I read the Font How To and the thing that stuck out clearest
was LINUX supports Type 1 Fonts wihtout any hassle and there is a tool to
convert TT to Type 1 fonts GUES what I did, YUP converted my TT fonts to
Type 1
and they work!

After doing all the steps manually you may feel that it is better done by a
single tool.  Well that tool has been created and is made to work under KDE.
IT is called kfontinst and can be found at:

I wasn't able to get it to compile but if you have success please report

The test I finally did when finished was to create the same document in
StarOffice and Word (with many different Font sizes, dimensions etc) and
each document in the other app.  I was able to see and print almost all the
fonts (still can't print Courier New from MS on a SO box :-(  ).

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